Frequently Asked Questions

How Much does a mobile detail costs?

Prices start at $165 for a Base Detail. Visit our PRICING PAGE for Residential Customers to see our full list of prices and
upgrades and fees.

How long does service take?

Average Base Detail takes around 3 hours to complete but there are several factors that contribute to service taking
longer or going quicker. Since we do the most of our work outside mother nature can effect the amount of time a detail
take. After cleaning off the exterior of your vehicle and getting a good look at the interior we can provide a better time
estimate. No two cars are exactly alike.

I have and appointment for service tomorrow. Is there anything I need to do or know ahead of time?

First of all you need to make sure your have permission for service at the location you have selected to have your service
performed. If we are working at your office or apartment / condo complex make sure you have the permission of the
property manager. Secondly please remove all personal items from your vehicle. If glove boxes, door pockets, seat back
pockets, etc are not cleaned out our tech will not clean those areas. If loose items are left in your vehicle your tech will do
their best to try to determine what is trash and what is not. We are not responsible for items left in your car. If we have to
remove items you may have to pay and additional charge since this will take additional time. We will not remove or
re-install child seats that are secured to your vehicle.

What if I have to cancel or change my appointment?

If you change for cancel your appointment 24 hours or more in advance there are no additional charges. If you cancel
your appoinitment with less that 24 hour notice there is a $50 fee. If the Tech is already on their way to your location or
there is no one at the location at the scheduled time of service there is a$150 trip charge. If the tech has already started
service and an emergency arises and you need your vehicle we will prorate the balance of service performed if over the
minimum trip charge.

Do you work in the rain?

Since we are a mobile business we are at the mercy of the weather. We have a canopy we can use to stay dry in light rain
or pop-up shower. We can not work in moderate to heavy rain or windy conditions. We can perform service in your home
garage since we do not use running water and leave nothing on the ground. If you have a garage we can walk round the
vehicle in we car work in any weather. We monitor the weather daily. If the weather does not seem like it will be suitable
to detail your vehicle we will call you the evening before to make alternate plans. Sometimes the weather can chance the
day of scheduled service. If we make the call to start service on your vehicle and the weather takes a bad turn we will stop
working on your car an try to return at the nearest possible time. YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED A TRIP CHARGE.

IS there is any additional charges other then my detail package?

We have a few charges that we may access a time of service or in advance. Our tech will walk your vehicle before service
and explain any additional charges and may make suggestions of additions services you may want to concider. All
charges are listed HERE so there are not any surprises when we arrive.

I have a pet that rides in the back of the car a lot. How much does it cost for pet hair removal?

We have several options for pet hair removal. When the tech walks your vehicle prior to service we will discuss the
options. Every vehicle is different. Some years/ models of cars clean real easily, while others are next to impossible due
to the different types of carpets and cloth used. Pets are different too. Some breeds clean right up no matter what the
surface, others not so much. We have three options when it comes to cleaning pet hair. The first option, which has not
additional charge, is to try to vacuum as much as we can while vacuuming the car the way we normally would without the
pet hair. We can get up to 50% of the hair removed this way. The second option is it use several different pet hair removal
"tools" to aid in removal during cleaning. This ads around 30 minutes to the normal cleaning time and can remove up to
80% of the pet hair. This costs $20 to $40 depending on vehicle size. The last option is complete removal. This costly and
labor intensive method involves taking tweezers to the individuals hairs to pluck them from the carpet. This can take an
additional 2 hours or more in time to complete and starts at $100.

What forms of payment do you take?

We gladly accept Cash, Check, Paypal, Credit or Debit Cards. We will email you a receipt within 24 hours of service.

How Long after service may I drive my vehicle?

In most cases, right away. Since we use a dry-vapor steam cleaning system not the old method of hot water extraction,
most fabric surfaces dry in just minutes. If you have major soiling of carpets or floor mats we may need to use additional
water to remove the dirt. If that is the case your tech will tell you in advance after walking your vehicle with you ahead of
your service. Some fabric car seats with water staining issues may also require the use of additional water to resolve the
issue. This will also be discussed at the time of your service.

It looks like rain tomorrow. Am I still going to have my car cleaned?

We try our best to work around the weather. We do have a canopy we can put up in the event of a light pop-up shower. If
it rains moderate to heavy or is too breezy for the canopy we can not risk working outdoors around electricity or loosing
our tools to the elements. If the weather looks like it will not be suitable for service the night before your service we will
email you and let you know ahead of time. If we are working already we will let you know as the weather changes.
Sometimes we can take a break and resume work after the weather clears. We may not be able to get all of our scheduled
cars in in that case. We try to leave one "Rain Date" for every week to two weeks of scheduled service at one location.

Do you work in winter?

We work all year. Business drops off in the 'off-season'. Most of our employees are college students and enjoy the winter
off and schedule around that. We also modify the products we use based on the time of year and average temps. Mother
nature does lend a helping in hand. Sunlight alone can raise body panel temps 20 degrees or more. We have worked with
outside air temps below zero. Service does take a bit longer in the cold. Often in real cold weather we need to take short
warm up breaks or have to warm up product. When planning our winter schedules we plan for extra time.

What about snow?

In the winter we often have to deal with bad weather affecting our schedules. Unlike rain where we stop working only
during periods of rain and tend not to lose more then a day due to a bad storm, in winter we may have to take a few days
off while parking lots and roads dry up. As with rain delays we always communicate with the customer to let them know
what is going on as far ahead of time as we can.

Vending Service Customer FAQ

I have picked a day for service but what time should I be there?

We arrive 15 minutes prior to the time of day our first customer will say they will be in. You may drop off your vehicle in
the assigned work area at anytime prior to our arrival. You can either leave your vehicle unlocked or be able to stop
outside when we arrive. Normal work hours are 8 AM to 5 PM but we can arrange to work at any hour, including
overnights, if the business allows us to do so. We do not want to leave anyone out who works other shifts/ schedules. If
our crew is working several stops in one day we will discuss drop off options ahead of time.

When will my vehicle be completed?

We service the vehicles in the order that they were dropped off with us. The length of time it takes to service a vehicle is
not the same for every car. It can vary based on the weather, number of Techs on site, how much work is needed. etc. After
inspecting the car we will have a better idea of when it will be completed. It is best if your vehicle can spend your entire
work day with us. Sometimes people need to leave early, have meetings or otherwise need their car before then end of the
day. We will try our best to meet your time goals. Its also best to let us know this ahead of time for scheduling purposes.

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